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So here goes my second beauty post on this blog… I really wanted to talk about this nail polish because, as a frequent nail polish abuser, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about the subject matter. I guess I’m quite a snob when it comes to nail polish – O.P.I. is my all time favourite nail polish brand. I don’t know what got me to try nail polish from that brand in the first place – it’s actually been years since I bought O.P.I. nail polish, it was pricey then and I don’t want to even think about how much it costs now. Luckily, my O.P.I. nail polishes have lasted up until today, and let’s hope that by the time they run out I will have a proper job that will allow me to keep indulging in them.
After the whole O.P.I. speech, it turns out I’m actually going to talk about a completely different brand. It’s mainly a make-up brand that do nail polish as well – N°7. If I were a proper beauty junkie I could probably give a thorough opinion on the brand itself, but I’ve tried very few N°7 products…

However, I’m pretty much going to have to praise this nail polish. Last month I noticed they were doing a limited edition spring collection of the sort, and this really pretty colour caught my eye. I decided to step out of my nail comfort zone – I only wear hot pinks and reds – and give it a try. At first it was a bit of a shock to the system, and I felt the colour didn’t suit me. But I grew to like it, probably because it lasted so long. And that I would say is its USP: this nail polish lasted a ridiculously long time. I kept it on for about two weeks – and by the end of those two weeks, my nails didn’t look like a complete mess (I work in retail so it’s not like I don’t do any manual work), they were slightly chipped here and there, but not at all unsightly. Here are some extremely necessary pics of my current beauty love, the shade is called ‘Spice’ and as you can see it’s got a very funky top…


That was me getting carried away with my picture-taking (I’d say the fourth photograph is the most accurate in terms of the shade)…  Anyway, I judge nail polish mainly by its endurance – that’s why I love O.P.I. so much, its nail polishes always last about a week for me. But this nail polish has beat the record – two weeks is just wow really. I haven’t really noticed the brush, and I’m fairly sure one layer wasn’t quite enough (with O.P.I. you can actually get away with just one layer). But I love the colour, not too sure what it is, I think salmon pink might be the closest guess? 

I have to admit that in general my nails seem to just take to nail polish quite well though, so it might be different for other people. Still, I personally recommend it, it’s a lovely shade for Spring, and hey, there’s something really tempting about limited edition beauty products, isn’t there?


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