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A little bit of colour can make all the difference… This is a very simple on-the-go outfit, and sums up what I’m seen in 90% of the time: a jumper (top in the summer) and shorts. That, or skirts and dresses. I haven’t worn trousers for a while – I have a few harem style ones which I save for the summer, but other than those I avoid trousers at all cost. I just don’t feel that trousers suit my shape for some reason.

Therefore, I generally tend to look quite casual – and I find there can be a thin line between casual and boring. So what I really like about this outfit is the colour – I loved this Sonia Rykiel for H&M jumper from the moment I saw it in the ad campaign…

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And what makes me rather strangely happy (as you can tell from my super cheesy expressions in these pics) is matching the jumper with these Aldo brogues, purchased on Valentine’s Day last year (best self Valentine’s gift ever). These shoes mean a lot to me, since they were actually my first pair of brogues (for now, I only have two pairs). I overcame my brogue fear (“I could never pull off brogues”) and discovered how wonderful and comfortable and necessary brogues are – they’re just a dream to walk in! I almost feel like I could conquer the world in them.

Not much else to say about the outfit; I wore it with my overexposed satchel, the shorts are from Topshop, the what I’d like to think are vintage-looking earrings (and which I can’t get enough of lately) are from this brand that can be found in Topshop, the ring (seen below) is from some random shop in East London – sorry, I’m having a hard time remembering names today.

So the conclusion to this post is… I like brogues and I like bright colours, especially pink. And this is definitely one of my fail-safe outfits – those always come in handy.




  1. 15th March 2011 / 5:18 am

    i like your outfit… specially your shoes!!

    grez tiza

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