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Yesterday I had the day off so a few of us decided to check out an exhibition about fashion illustration called Drawing Fashion at the Design Museum, to which I had actually never been to before – dreadful, considering I was once an art student. I wasn’t at all disappointed. The exhibition layout is prettily arranged and it’s easy to see that all the pieces were carefully selected, as they all work really well together. Here are some of my favourite pieces, please excuse the pic overload but I got really carried away taking pictures, which isn’t actually allowed in this exhibition (sneaky, I know)…

I love this 1949 Vogue cover from an illustrator called Eric (that’s actually how he was credited), it’s so effortless and romantic.


Again, a very sweet illustration, love the shaded cheekbones and the (very) pretty red lips, along with the drama of the shoulders.


All of the above illustrations are by Antonio Lopez, whose work I had never seen much of before, and I’m thrilled that I finally did. It’s safe to say that he is now one of my favourite illustrators, I was impressed by his skill and versatility, and wish he was still here – he’d probably still be creating beautiful works of art. I especially love the last illustration, it’s a little kitsch yet super chic and full of character.

This might be by Antonio as well but I’m not 100%, I’m ashamed to say…

A lovely piece by contemporary artist Francois Berthoud…

Love this other Berthoud image, it’s mysterious yet sexy and suggestive.

The exhibition covers work from the early 20th century up until our current days; it’s especially fascinating to see so many vintage Vogue and Harper Bazaar’s covers. I was a bit surprised that David Downton and a few others weren’t included, but it’s still a lovely exhibition, great for anyone who loves the art of fashion.



  1. 27th November 2010 / 11:35 pm

    wooooooow the images are so amazing! Lucky you 🙂

    You are right with the yellow tights girl one… Brilliant! I easily see your works in that exhibition;)

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