I just realised it is now officially winter, isn’t it? Well, here are some very non-wintery pictures that my friend took back in the summer. Now who isn’t missing those days when we could walk around with a light cardi and in short sleeves? Time to reminisce…

Here is my Trompe l’oeil (now that’s a tough word to spell) t-shirt from Oasis, which was from a collaboration the store did with design graduate Rosalind Keep last winter. Blame it on the fact that I’m a bit of an art freak, but anything the least bit Trompe l’oeil-inspired gets me going. I remember wanting to buy pretty much the entire collection (may I add that there weren’t that many pieces), but ended up just with this very cute tee – more than enough to satisfy my Trompe cravings.

My tomatoe cardi! I got this baby last spring from a Korean shopping website (how come those websites have so many nice things?) and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s hard for me to describe my style, but it’s safe to say I have a penchant for cute things, and this cardi is just that – very, very cute. I actually miss wearing it, but nowadays it’s all about long sleeves…

This telescope necklace (it works!) is from the website Elsiebelle – for those of you who are into quirky jewellery, I recommend you check out this online shop, they have very nice things indeed. Unfortunately, the chain broke and I still haven’t got around to replacing it, so it’s just lying amongst my other jewellery gathering dust. Sniff.


Finally, this is me falling for the satchel trend. It’s from Topshop and came out during the summer, but I’m assuming that because it was ridiculously popular (I’m not exaggerating – I saw tons of other people with it) an oversize version of it came out for autumn/winter ’10. Although to be precise it was actually the tan version that was a hit, and I don’t actually recall seeing anyone with the black one – yep, I’m convincing myself that it’s only me who has it. Not that that would stop me from loving this bag – when I first got it I couldn’t stop using it, and I love the fact that it’s got a handle and it’s small and compact. And, fortunately, it’s an all-year-round bag.



  1. 24th November 2010 / 11:38 am

    Missing summer too. But loving the winter outfits that u can find in stores these days, I am all about this warm cute beige dresses with color tights and boots or if i'm feeling brave, fat shoes 😉

    Ooooh gosh I'm such good photographer!! 😛 you should start to pay me V! Love the post, hope to see new one soonish

  2. 24th November 2010 / 1:10 pm

    I love the tomato shirt…. so cute….. gotta love the all year round bags…..


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