Kate & Mario

What I am about to do is most likely illegal, but no copyright infringement intended! I’m just in awe of this mini exhibition that I went to see a few weeks ago. Firstly, I am not a Kate Moss fan – there are other models who I am a lot more intrigued by and passionate about. But the girl’s got something – maybe it’s those amazing cheekbones or that serene look, whatever it is I can understand the fascination that photographers have with her. Who I am a total fan of is Mario Testino – I have been obsessed with his photography for years, and it’s partly because of him that I became a fashion fanatic. And I think it’s endearing that after all these years, Kate is still Mario’s ultimate muse.

Gotta love those cheekbones…

This image is so simple yet ridiculously beautiful…

Does this image ring a bell? A sexy variation from British Vogue’s September ’09 cover.

I call it a small exhibition because there are about 10 or 11 images altogether. Might not sound like a lot but the way they’ve been presented is great and definitely makes the imagery all the more special (and it’s free). These images are (or were) at Phillips de Pury & Company, there are (or again, were) a few others at The Saatchi Gallery which I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing. There’s nothing like a bit of fashion photography/portraiture to feel inspired… happy September to all.


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