Chapter 16: The end of the summer

It happened. From one week to another, Summer left us. It was sudden and unexpected. Now it’s back to the gray clouds and spit-like rain. In these cases, I say enjoy it while it lasts. Because this in-betweeny weather is way more bearable than the long, dark and cold miserable days we have ahead of us.

My way of remembering the summer? With a trend that comes back year after year, regardless. Yep, I’m talking florals. Can’t get away from them. Funnily enough though, I’m 99.9% sure this pretty skirt is the only floral item in my closet. It was a present from my friend – I love it when friends give you clothes because it’s interesting to see what they think would suit you. And even though I am never seen in florals, my friend got it totally right with this skirt. Good way to end the summer, don’t you think? The only thing missing in the outfit picture is the Sun…


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