Chapter 13: A moustache thing

This is going to sound weird, but I have a thing for moustaches. Not on men of course, but on t-shirts, naturally. I don’t know how it happened but from one day to another I realized that I simply needed to have a t-shirt with a moustache. It just made sense. And moustaches are popping up everywhere at the moment. Okay, I’m getting a bit carried away now, but I’m just a bit infatuated with my Zara tee, which I got about two weeks ago and seems to have disappeared already (As much as I love Zara I am getting a bit annoyed with this store, as their stuff seems to just go go go).

Image via New Look

I’m not too happy with how they spelled moustache on the tee (doesn’t ‘moustache’ look way better with a ‘u’?), but it’s still cute and it was the answer to my prayers, after not being able to get my hands on this adorable tee from New Look…

My moustache infatuation actually started a few months ago in the shape of jewellery, when I got this moustache necklace from Tatty Devine. I always feel a bit uneasy wearing this necklace, as I’m scared people will come up with far too obvious jokes, but hey, it’s perfect for my moustache fetish. And I’m still on the look out for more moustache tops – strange how well they work on tees and yet when it comes to men it’s a different story…


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