A July must-see

The thing about having a full-time internship is that it makes blogging a little harder. I’m now into my third week at my current placement and I miss the days off when I could just dedicate myself to writing and taking pics (or getting pics taken). But you gotta make time for something that you enjoy and here’s something that I definitely need to share. If there is one thing I love other than fashion, that’s art. So I can’t help but feel super-excited about seeing what some of my former coursemates from my days as an Illustration student have been up to. Starting from tomorrow and up until the 7th of July, they’re having an exhibition in Brick Lane, Somewhere Sometime, so for any of you Londoners who love art, trendiness and drinks, this exhibition is right up your alley. Yes, I am being unashamedly partial since I have seen many of these people evolve into the great artists that they are, but what can I say? It doesn’t take a genius to see that their work really is good, just take a look at some of the works by Mike Hall, Merissa David or Rachel De Ste. Croix, who will all be showing at East Gallery. Can’t wait!


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