Vintage finds (I)

Someone has to take me on a vintage expedition one day because seriously – I never see anything that tickles my fancy at vintage shops. I’ll admit that I’ve developed a bit of an aversion to vintage – the smell puts me off and sometimes so much of the stuff just looks wrong. But that doesn’t stop me from being impressed by other people’s amazing finds – how do they do it? I guess it takes the patience that I don’t have and a good eye (which I probably don’t have either, since I seem incapable of spotting anything that will look good off the hanger).

However, I have recently developed a passion for vintage jewellery, after regularly attending the monthly London Vintage Fashion Fair and being dazzled by all the stands full of costume jewellery. So I went to the fair today (in Hammersmith’s town hall), knowing that I was bound to find some little treasures. Content me is already looking forward to next month’s fair (although I’m a bit worried about the amount of jewellery I’ll be stacking up).

Love love love this! Belt-shaped bracelet? Genius. It’s probably not at all “old” but who cares when it’s this cute? It’s gold-plated so if I treat it with love hopefully it will stay nice-ish.

Can’t afford the real thing so why not snap up this in-your-face replica? The lady at the stand said to me “Let’s hope it’s real!” For 4 pounds? I think not.

And last but not least, how cool is this tiny scarf? It’s unashamedly girlie, tacky and OTT but I love it – and got it for 5 pounds. Don’t know when it’s from – I’d like to think it’s from the fifties ’cause it certainly has that kitsch feel to it, but above all I love it for its cuteness and not age.


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