Chapter 12: The Topshop vest

I am guilty of an unforgivable fashion faux-pas: I don’t do layering. Can’t handle it. Not because I don’t like it, but because throughout my style-seeking years that is the one technique I have never been able to get the hang of. When I see it on other people, I absolutely love it and crave for it – but no. I’m afraid it’s not meant to be for me.
I haven’t given up entirely though, and this cute vest I got from Topshop is living proof of my constant fight to make layering part of my life. I’m keeping things simple and straightforward, as if I were in Year 1 of Fashion Kindergarten: I’ve started by layering the vest over black, long-sleeved tops (can’t go wrong with black and white).
So here goes two outfit pics (God, how I’m loving the sun)…

So glad it finally feels like summer… a good time to step out of my black and white comfort zone.


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