Chapter 9: The Oasis ankle boots

Oh, how I hate the mid-season sales. How I hate them when a month after getting this amazing pair of ankle boots for £60 I find out they have gone down to £30. Ouch.

The thing is you never know with the high-street – you might see something you like one day and if you go back a week or two later it might be gone. I didn’t want to risk it this time and that’s why I waisted no time with these booties. What’s funny is the first time I saw them they were £70, and one week later they went down to £60. I felt so relieved and proud about saving a tenner – until I came across their mid-season sale.

So I aim to get as much use out of these boots as possible, as a lousy attempt to make myself feel better about the price. It was a ‘love at first sight’ moment because I had been hoping for some high-street store to do a decent interpretation of Isabel Marant’s amazing a/w ’09 ankle boots (you know, the ones that were seen everywhere). I am ashamed to say this but I am terrible with heels and I do sort of struggle in this pair – which have a perfectly reasonable heel, I know. But I’ll get used to them. No choice.

Thank God for the high-street. But damn those mid-season sales.


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