Chapter 8: The New Look blazer

The weather is nasty today but at least it’s been nice-ish throughout the week, so to celebrate jacket weather I thought I’d post about one of my latest purchases. I’ve always had a bit of a stormy relationship with New Look – I’d see things I liked in this store and yet they never seemed to fit well. So I gave up on New Look for a long time. The other day, however, I came across this cute blazer and was surprised by the good fit. Last week my flatmate was doing a bit of online shopping and decided to get a few things from New Look’s website. Having tried on the blazer a few days before I decided to go for it, along with a simple black dress that had gone down to £10, so my flatmate and I split the delivery charge and got our New Look buys a few days later (what is it about online shopping that’s so appealing?). I now have three New Look items in my wardrobe; the blazer, black dress and navy coat that I bought off my friend for £20 (can’t get over the price, too good to be true…).

I love the preppy look of this blazer (although I might take off the shield-inspired pin, which is probably what makes it so preppy-looking). Feel a bit guilty because I didn’t really need another blazer, my collection of such is expanding by the minute. But I keep telling myself: a girl can never have too many blazers…



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