Chapter 7: The H&M leopard print skirt

There was a time when a rational me was not a fan of leopard print. I used to think it was incredibly tacky. But, somehow, leopards got the better of me. As the high street was invaded by this print, I began to understand its appeal, and inevitably fell under its spell. I don’t really know how it happened, but I’m now a leopard print devotee. Not that my wardrobe is full of it – this skirt was my second and last leopard print purchase – the first is a faux-fur cropped jacket/shrug thing that regrettably falls into my never-worn section. That’s not the case with this skirt, I love it – I usually pair it up with a simple black top and red shoes – it’s like one of my ‘safe’ outfits because I always feel great in it.
I really want to expand my leopard collection in a not so distant future. I’d love to have a pair of leopard-print ankle boots (Christian Louboutin did an amazing pair a while back), or leopard-print heels and flats for that matter, a blouse (I’m convinced it is office-friendly), and, most of all, a faux-fur coat. Topshop had a great version a few months ago – I tried it on and loved it but didn’t get it; I’ve seen many people with it so I don’t regret not getting it too much.


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