Chapter 5: The Ted Baker butterfly skirt

If a waitress in Nando’s goes absolutely crazy when seeing this skirt, it must be a good sign. Have you ever seen something in a magazine and felt like running straight to the shop? That was the case with this skirt. Ted Baker is a store that I never go into, but I’m loving their Spring ’10 collection – and particularly anything with this amazing butterfly print (it’s on bags and the lining of waistcoats and jackets). Maybe it’s because of my love for art – after all, I do have an art degree – but for whatever reason I can be a sucker for imagery on clothes. I love the sharpness of these butterflies, and silk is such a lovely fabric (Okay, it’s not real silk but it feels real so it’s all good).
I bought this a few weeks ago and wore it for the first time this past week. Like I said, I was having dinner in Nando’s when one of the super friendly waitresses came over to me and went on about how much she wanted this skirt. Well, I think she should definitely go for it.


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